"This brush is absolutely magical"

The word is out. The Rose and Ben Beauty C-42 Foundation Brush is getting rave reviews from top makeup artists - and makeup lovers - around the world. Experience it for yourself now!

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Model holding a makeup brush to her cheek
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"Beautiful, smooth, luxurious feeling application. Works great for both liquid and powder products, and yes, you can switch right back and forth between liquid and powder!"

- Carrie -

Model holding a makeup brush to her cheek

Education. Empowerment. Expression.

Cruelty Free
Hand Crafted
100% Vegan
Responsibly Made
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Just Press For Perfection

Light pressing motions ensure makeup melts into the skin seamlessly.

Say Goodbye to Cakey Makeup

Evenly and effortlessly distributes product leaving a flawless base.

Make Texture & Pores Disappear

Provides precise, easy application to create the perfect canvas.

It’s a Beauty Game Changer

Expertly crafted longer handles for different types of pressure.

Rose Siard is a makeup educator and content creator that has created a social community of makeup lovers +2M strong.

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The secret behind a magical blend

"I wanted a foundation brush that had a smaller head than most but that was still perfectly dense."

Rose elegantly pressing a makeup brush up to her cheek

An educational moment

Applying makeup to face

Three Simple Tips For Complexion Perfection

Begin with a small amount of product that you have allowed to warm on the back of your hand and then apply gradually in thin, even layers.

Blending makeup into face

Use pressing motions rather than swiping motions to seamlessly blend in your foundation. Pressing allows for the patented fibers to distribute product evenly and provides consistent coverage.

Working makeup brush into face

Work in small manageable sections taking the time to apply evenly in the more overlooked areas such as your hairline, jaw line, and ears.

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